Crocheted Vessels

For years each morning I would go outside my studio, pick up my New York Times plastic delivery bag, remove the newspaper and recycle the bag.  One day, the sun was shining particularly brightly, I reached down, and for the first time, I noticed the bag itself.  I noticed the brilliant blue color with the dark black writing, and decided I had to do something with it.   The bag had been there all these years.  But this particular day, I “stood in a different place” and noticed it.   I began to collect them and had my friends do the same.  Some received other newspapers and I eventually had an extensive colored collection of these plastic newspaper delivery bags.  I began to experiment, cutting them apart and connecting them until I eventually discovered a way to make them into a kind of yarn.  Ultimately, they became standing crocheted vessels which have evolved into a series with various embellishments and of differing dimensions.