About the Artist

My three-dimensional mixed media constructions are made from recycled, reclaimed, reconstructed “stuff” using a variety of techniques and materials. All my artwork is made primarily from found objects, those things most of us already have as opposed to things we purchase.

This way of making art helps the environment, but it also challenges us to look at everyday objects and see their possibilities and potential - even their beauty. My aim is to help viewers  stand in a new place - to help them realize that things they see every day  and consider as disposable, as trash can become something valuable, unusual, beautiful and interesting - can become art. This all began with a mop: something every woman has and uses without thinking about it.

Mary Ann Lomonaco shares her compelling work as a mixed media artist. Her work with recycled and re-purposed materials is innovative and striking...using mop heads, household labels, newspaper plastic bags...simply ingenious.


What is the function of a mop?

Is it merely a menial tool, common and workaday.

Or is it a potential vehicle for beauty, whimsy, imagination?  How does this relate to humankind in general and womankind in particular? 

Transformation for me involves discovering the potential, the endless possibilities, of the mops as they become headdresses.  Each of my mops EVOLVES as a piece of sculpture, over time.  Each one grows into what it is.  Once it’s dyed, it begins to take on a personality of its own.

 I love using everyday, common materials, such as soda can tabs, nails, washers, on these household mops and seeing the unique transformation.  I LOVE that these sculptures all began as  MOPS.