Mary Ann Lomonaco is inspired by primitive art and its ability to transform humble, everyday items of into tactile, innovative works of art. Lomonaco deconstructs ordinary objects and reassembles them causing the viewer to gain a new knowledge of their potential. She explores our notions of what is valuable and what makes art. Lomonaco, "My everyday objects are found in hardware stores and recycling bins and consist of items such as soda can tabs, nails, washers, grommets, roof flashing. It's very exciting for me to transform the menial mops into objects of beauty using these diverse materials we see everyday and using them in a unique way."  Read more


One day, I was preparing to cut up a kitchen mop head to use as a cellulose fiber and put into my paper beater for pulp. I placed it on a hook as I went to get my scissors, and was struck by how much it resembled the beautiful masks/headdresses from Papua New Guinea I’ve admired at the Metropolitan Museum’s Rockefeller Collection.
─  Mary Ann Lomonaco